About CybeReady

CybeReady is trusted by globally recognized brands to empower internal security teams, lessening leaders' workloads and transform employee behavior through localized data-driven training. CybeReady continuously prepares employees of leading financial institutions, insurance companies, healthcare organizations and others in 35 languages across 66 countries worldwide.


  • Shlomi Gian

    Chief Executive Officer

    Shlomi brings a unique, powerful blend of product and business leadership expertise. Over the past two decades, Shlomi has built disruptive technologies, surged enterprise sales, developed high-value strategic partnerships and lead companies through major acquisitions. He has served at the helm of numerous companies in the U.S. and abroad, including Cotendo, Akamai and PacketZoom, and delivered business results with a relentless focus on building an empowering company culture.

  • Mike Polatsek

    Chief Strategy Officer

    As a leader and co-founder, Mike is part visionary, part team coach; he challenges everyone to succeed and enables them to exceed their own expectations. His deep knowledge of cyber security training informs his approach to all aspects of the business—from research and development to sales and marketing to customer acquisition and retention.

  • Daniella Balaban

    VP Marketing

    Daniella spearheads the whole gamut of marketing for CybeReady. Based in the San Francisco Silicon Valley, she brings over 18 years of global experience and has led marketing efforts for Fortune 500 companies, B2B and early-stage startups. Daniella especially enjoys writing, networking and finding engaging ways to share CybeReady’s story with enterprises around the world.

  • Omer Taran

    Chief Technology Officer

    As co-founder, Omer serves as the company’s technologist-in-residence. His vision for CybeReady drives him to build out a product roadmap that serves a variety of enterprise customers by blending best practices in learning with innovation. He’s known for bringing ideas to life both quickly and precisely. Omer’s vast technical chops are only rivaled by his pun-making abilities.

  • Eyal Sofer

    Director of Customer Success

    Customers are at the heart of CybeReady’s work, and nobody knows this better than Eyal. He seamlessly manages critical relationships across time zones, and is responsible for onboarding efforts, process improvement and tracking KPIs. He expanded (and continually iterates upon) the company’s customer success program.

  • Asaf Goldberg

    Director of Sales

    Whether exhibiting at a trade show or giving demos to prospective customers, Asaf focuses on aligning companies’ needs with CybeReady’s capabilities. He’s also responsible for building and managing global partnerships. Asaf’s efforts haven’t just helped company leaders prevent breaches; they’ve grown CybeReady across five continents.

  • Naomi Saar Hacham

    Director of Marketing

    Naomi leads all marketing efforts for CybeReady, which includes interfacing with a global network of partners and distributors, vendors and contractors. If the company’s messaging and design resonates with CISOs and technical teams, it’s thanks to Naomi; she’s the keeper of the brand and the ultimate taskmaster.

  • Ofer Mark

    Vice President of Research & Development

    CybeReady prides itself on its technical agility; on that front, Ofer might just be the sanest ‘mad scientist’ in the startup world. He methodically approaches all of the company’s phishing research and development and produces astounding processes and features that continually wow the company’s many clients (and the team, too).

  • Maya Rozenshein

    Data Protection Officer

    An enforcer of GDPR requirements, Maya is the internal pro who ensures that all of the company’s legal have been dotted and t’s have been crossed when it comes to CybeReady’s various phishing campaigns. She’s an incredibly detail-oriented teammate and yes, she’s most assuredly a stickler about the rules.

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