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Another Successful Deployment For CybeReady’s Learning Automation

CybeReady is happy to announce that another utility enterprise has selected its anti-phishing learning automation as a leading solution in continuous phishing prevention and will be joining CybeReady’s growing customer base in Poland.

Marcin Aniszewski, Sales Team Director of

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Three Take-Aways from This Month’s Phishing Attack on Turkish Financial Institutes

This month cyberattack on selected Turkish financial Institutes hasn’t come as a surprise to many security officers.
These kinds of attacks have become more common, but by looking at this event as an example, we can gather some actionable insights into Phishing Prevention that applies to many other industries:
1. Hackers’ qui…

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CybeReady will Participate at Prague’s Cyber Event

We are very excited to take a leading part in a unique cyber event that will take place in Prague – 22 in February. Security professionals are gathered for a morning of good food, practical lectures from industry professionals and networking at the wine food market.

Seats are limited so hurry up and

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CybeReady Expands to the Portuguese Market

CybeReady Expands to the Portuguese Market

CybeReady, the first anti-phishing learning automation provider, is pleased to announce that a new Portuguese enterprise has finished an in-depth evaluation and selected the CybeReady solution to train its employees continuously and effectively against phishing attacks.

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