Phishing Awareness Training

It’s Phishing Season!

Understanding why employees fall for more phishing attacks during the holiday season and training them to resist the ‘urge to click’ can empower enterprises to navigate safely through this high-risk time a year.


The holiday season is definitely here: house fronts and businesses all ov…

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Employee Training Engagement

Why Should You Care About Employee Engagement?

Most employees and even many security professionals would likely agree that security training content is boring. In fact, people often assume …

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New European Partnership to Bolster Security Teams

We’re excited to announce our newest European partner: TCSS Trusted Cyber Security Solutions GmbH. With their support, CybeReady will reach more organizations across DACH in need of effective cyber readiness training against phishing.

CEO Mike Polatsek believes that CybeReady can greatly impact the region’s cyber security efforts th…

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How We Built a Phishing Platform That Is Actually Effective

I’m going to tell you something that you likely already know—running a great phishing simulation program is not often easy. As CybeReady’s CEO, I’ve taken part in the design, deployment, and management of hundreds of anti-phishing campaigns. We’ve certainly made a few mistakes along the way, and not ever…

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What Can Go Wrong? When Employees Push Back Against Phishing Simulations

Phishing prevention employee training is regarded as a must-have security control by most security consultancies, and many organizations are already training employees to recognize phishing attacks by using phishing simulations. When done in the right way, data shows that this training can dramatically change employee behavior and redu…

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Three Take-Aways from This Month’s Phishing Attack on Turkish Financial Institutes

This month cyberattack on selected Turkish financial Institutes hasn’t come as a surprise to many security officers.
These kinds of attacks have become more common, but by looking at this event as an example, we can gather some actionable insights into Phishing Prevention that applies to many other industries:
1. Hackers’ qui…

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Another Successful Deployment For CybeReady’s Learning Automation

CybeReady is happy to announce that another utility enterprise has selected its anti-phishing learning automation as a leading solution in continuous phishing prevention and will be joining CybeReady’s growing customer base in Poland.

Marcin Aniszewski, Sales Team Director of

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CybeReady will Participate at Prague’s Cyber Event

We are very excited to take a leading part in a unique cyber event that will take place in Prague – 22 in February. Security professionals are gathered for a morning of good food, practical lectures from industry professionals and networking at the wine food market.

Seats are limited so hurry up and

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CybeReady Expands to the Portuguese Market

CybeReady Expands to the Portuguese Market

CybeReady, the first anti-phishing learning automation provider, is pleased to announce that a new Portuguese enterprise has finished an in-depth evaluation and selected the CybeReady solution to train its employees continuously and effectively against phishing attacks.

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CybeReady Slash Down Security Training Costs

How Organizations World-Wide Are Slashing Security Training Costs by 50-70% ?

If your organization is like a whole lot of others out there, you’re struggling to find scalable, practical and cost-effective solutions to the employee awareness problem in security. Should you stay in-house, which requires hiring between 1-3 full-time employees? Or should you outsource your security aw…

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CybeReady Partners with DI.GI International

CybeReady is pleased to announce its newest European partner,   DI.GI International, an IT consulting firm that will enable the company to reach more organizations across Italy in need of effective cyber readiness training against phishing.DI.GI

Andrea Ghisl…

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Assessing Your Phishing Risks — What Metrics Should You Rely On?

There are lots of organizational phishing awareness programs dedicated to giving employees the tools they need to recognize phishing scams. To prove their program’s effectiveness, companies often highlight their click rate, or the amount of people visiting webpages via links in emails. But how much is th…

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Phishing Awareness Curse of Knowledge

Overcoming the Curse of Cyber Security Knowledge

What prevents Cyber Security from breaking the Curse of Knowledge?
Imagine this: You’ve just tripped over your kid’s iPad; now your ring finger is swelling up like a balloon. You go to your doctor who announces, x-ray in hand, that you have a dorsal dislocation of the metacarpophalangeal joint with local erythema. He needs to…

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learn about Cybeready partner in poland- pin on map

CybeReady Joins Forces with Integrity Partners to Combat Phishing in Poland

CybeReady is pleased to announce its newest European partner, Integrity Partners, an IT solutions group that will help to bring the company’s cyber readiness solution against phishing to enterprise clients throughout Poland.

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Awareness Training Program which makes a noise- pic of drill

Is Your Awareness Training Program Promoting Noise or Buzz?

The job of a CISO is never easy or straightforward. Against the backdrop of rapidly evolving cyber threats, you know that the task of keeping your organization secured is, in part, hinged upon using the right tools and technology to meet today’s ever changing attack landscape. But this is only one aspect of the equation; then t…

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CybeReady and Softprom by ERC announced Global Reach Expanding

Softprom by ERC, a value added distributor, and CybeReady, a global provider of organizational phishing readiness, have just announced a newly-signed global partnership agreement, to deploy and promote CybeReady solutions in 28 countries around the world.

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