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CybeReady is a SaaS-based, fully automated learning solution helping CISOs worldwide to be successful in the fight against phishing.

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Our learning intelligence enables you to expand beyond your reach: to impact each and every employee and have the data to prove it. The world of technology is continuously evolving, and you need a constantly changing solution. With CybeReady’s learning automation, your employees train year-round, continuously advancing and adapting their skills to match real-world phishing attacks.
We developed our platform to support the needs of CISOs globally. As hackers innovate and automate their efforts, you should, too. Whenever they strike, your employees should be ready. We automate, scale and adapt training to your needs, knowing that this is the only way to stay one step ahead.

CybeReady Anti-Phishing Learning Automation Solution

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What Sets Us Apart

  • Real-Time Phishing Pulse

    Managing risk requires not only taking active measures to better your security, but also to constantly monitor your results and risk score. Our advanced KPIs have been developed to allow you the benefit of delivering constantly adapting, high engaging simulations while being able to monitor risk, effectiveness and employee response. With our real-time phishing pulse you are able to measure risk trends that incorporate phishing performance and difficulty

  • 3D Simulation Engine

    Phishing attacks affect all employees differently, and are impacted by their role, personal experience or language. The challenge lies in identifying what triggers employees in different positions to act, and determining how to train them accordingly. Our Data Driven Distribution (3D) Engine will automatically assign relevant simulations to each employee based on their personal profile, achieving higher results and engagement. No need to create custom sending groups or mailing lists.

  • Clear Choice Campaign

    Running multiple year-round simulations is a cumbersome task for even the most well-equipped security teams. Our data-driven Clear Choice Campaign feature suggests the best simulation combination for you, putting you in charge of decision making without wasting time on endless searches and customization.

  • Content Optimization Engine

    The key to getting your message across involves constantly adapting your content while keeping it both relevant and concise.
    These are simple guidelines to follow, but ones that require enormous effort. Our automated content optimization engine does exactly that, providing you with multilingual simulations that keep employees engaged all year long.

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How Can Our Customer Achieve Continuous Phishing Campaigns Effortlessly?

With CybeReady, your Anti-Phishing efforts move quickly because we do all the heavy lifting. Here’s how:

Required Steps for Successful Anti-Phishing ProgramsOur Solution
Content creation and adaptationAutomated
Content branded to your organizationAutomated
Relevant simulation selectionAutomated
Targeted simulation distributionAutomated
Accurate localization methodsAutomated
Advanced employee metricsBuilt-In
Continuous employee trainingBuilt-In
Adaptive contentBuilt-In
Ongoing systems health monitoringBuilt-In
Pre-deployment internal communication materialsIncluded
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