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Best Learning Practices

Employee Training Engagement

Why Should You Care About Employee Engagement?

Most employees and even many security professionals would likely agree that security training content is boring. In fact, people often assu…

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Phishing Simulation Pitfalls

5 Reasons Phishing Simulations Fail

We’ve been running successful phishing simulations for years now, developing proven steps toward employee engagement and behavioral change. Over the course of time, we’ve seen customers come to us, bruised by phishing campaigns gone awry. In our experience, most of these catastrophes come down to a handf…

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What Can Go Wrong? When Employees Push Back Against Phishing Simulations

Phishing prevention employee training is regarded as a must-have security control by most security consultancies, and many organizations are already training employees to recognize phishing attacks by using phishing simulations. When done in the right way, data shows that this training can dramatically change employee behavior and redu…

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Phishing Awareness Curse of Knowledge

Overcoming the Curse of Cyber Security Knowledge

What prevents Cyber Security from breaking the Curse of Knowledge?
Imagine this: You’ve just tripped over your kid’s iPad; now your ring finger is swelling up like a balloon. You go to your doctor who announces, x-ray in hand, that you have a dorsal dislocation of the metacarpophalangeal joint with local erythema. He needs to…

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