Why CybeReady

Our technology enhances phishing security while keeping resources at bay. Customers worldwide trust us with their employees' security training, allowing them to free up their security staff time and optimize their training efforts.

How You Benefit

  • Achieve

    Rapid, Sustainable Results

    Achieve Rapid, Sustainable Results

    Change employee behavior, influence corporate culture, cultivate positive engagement, and attain compliance. Partner with CybeReady on your training efforts, and you’ll get there fast—with the metrics to prove it.

    Case Study: Empowering Security Teams, Enhancing Employee Experience

    One healthcare provider with hospitals across the country has only a CISO, a part-time security consultant and occasional IT assistance from its operations department. With CybeReady’s learning automation, they were able to tackle the work of an entire team: changing corporate culture and getting regional managers and employees on board. This translated into a more effective security approach, better IT integration and an overall positive internal view of security.

  • Align

    Effective Training Efforts and Save Time

    Align Training Efforts and Save Time

    As the saying goes, time is money, and security teams often already have a critical staff shortage. Save your team’s time and condense employee training efforts by automating your anti-phishing learning, and focusing instead on what matters most.

    Case Study: Saving Staff Time, Reducing Risk

    A large bank with a dedicated training staff approached us, and within three months were able to rearrange their entire security training program in order to focus on specific areas that proved to be high risk. They estimate that our platform saves them the equivalent of half of a full time employee’s work each month.

  • Automate

    Your Phishing

    Automate Your Phishing Simulations

    There are clear limitations to manual campaigns, and when it comes to anti-phishing training, you need big data to make the most impact. Our learning automation enables you to stay on top of risks and ahead of hackers by managing the process from start to finish—including configuring simulations.

    Case Study: Enabling Localization Efforts, Improving Results

    A global pharmaceutical enterprise required simulations in 28 languages and 15 different monthly simulations in order to achieve effectiveness in anti-phishing training. With our learning automation platform, this complex scenario is no longer a challenge—it’s a reality.

  • Accelerate

    Critical Risk

    Accelerate Risk Reduction

    In the context of cybersecurity, time moves rapidly—and the gap between zero day and execution is minimal. CybeReady empowers you to accelerate your risk reduction, allowing you to achieve better results faster than you would with any other platform.

    Case Study: Exceeding Expectations, Transforming Training

    A high tech firm approached us after being hit by a phishing attack, with management demanding a quick turnaround in their internal security approach. Within three months, they witnessed lower click rates and increased employee engagement, along with our industry-leading advanced metrics.

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