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"In engaging CybeReady, we have found a service provider that truly made a difference in employee behavior towards phishing attacks and did all of the heavy-liftings. Their team has saved me a lot of ..."



"CybeReady is a full-featured tool with real-time data platform that enables effective performance monitoring and improvement tracking of our entire organization with powerful dashboards and reports i..."

Lui S.

Senior Software Quality Assurance Engineer

"CybeReady solution help us improving our security awareness to the next level, highly recommend. CybeReady was able to offer a full-service solution for anti-phishing simulation training with good..."

Oren K.

IT Security Manager

"I like the robust continuous awareness which are well streamlined. It has enabled my colleagues to adapt in any case of threat posed by cybersecurity attacks. I like the collaboration and training..."

Malik P.

Senior Developer Project Lead

"Easy to deploy and mange. the company run campaigns as a service to all our employees. the user management is great, there is connection to our AAD so each new user included in the education program ..."


Security and Risk Management

"For me its the simplicity of the tool that makes it so user friendly and effective. The platform takes all the hassle out of having to think of your own phising simulation emails and provides you, th..."


Administrator in Hospital & Health Care

"Great (both proactive and when needed) customer support. Improved employee awareness, reduced number of high-risk users. Effectively addressed compliance, awareness and training-related, obligations...."

Vassilis V.

Head of Information Security, Business Continuity & Data Protection

"Overall, it broadens the way people engage with security across the board because they are used to being told off and that they are not doing the right sort of things. Whereas, CybeReady really helpe..."

Ceri Goncalve Jones

Security Awareness Manager at Natwest

"Cybeready is exactly what we needed! The whole experience has been positive from the initial sales demo through to purchase and deployment, but more importantly they have continued to be supportive a..."

Mark W.

Head of Cyber Security

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