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image November 28, 2021 image 5 MIN READ
Got a Yahoo account? You may want to change your password. Between 2013 and 2014, Yahoo experienced two data breaches[...]
The Facts About Phishing Scams and the Holiday Season
image November 24, 2021 image 4 MIN READ
As Black Friday comes and goes, and Thanksgiving is right around the corner, even the grinchiest among us can’t ignore[...]
The Natwest Story from an Awareness Leader perspective
image November 16, 2021 image 4 MIN READ
Ceri J., Security Awareness Manager at NatWest, a UK bank with 74,000 employees, felt she needed to do more to[...]
What’s the Phishing Scam Equivalent of Your Favorite Halloween Costume?
image October 28, 2021 image 4 MIN READ
It’s the spookiest time of the year again, where the young and young at heart alike get all dressed up[...]
The 13 Best Phishing Protection Solutions
image October 21, 2021 image 5 MIN READ
What do French Bank Crédit Agricole, Facebook, and Microsoft have in common? They each made the top three most impersonated[...]
How to Protect Microsoft 365 Users from Phishing Attacks
image October 04, 2021 image 5 MIN READ
Phishing attacks for Microsoft 365, formerly Office 365, are on the rise. In early August 2021, Microsoft issued a warning[...]
Essential Toolkit for National Cybersecurity Awareness Month
image September 22, 2021 image 6 MIN READ
In 2021 alone, cybercrime attacks are expected to cost $6 trillion worldwide, and by 2025, they’re expected to reach $10[...]
Secure your Data Center
image September 13, 2021 image 7 MIN READ
The global COVID-19 pandemic has affected how the world does business, especially with the massive shift to working remotely from[...]
The Only SOC 2 Compliance Checklist You Need
image August 31, 2021 image 6 MIN READ
Service Organization Control (SOC) 2 compliance ensures organizations have proper procedures in place to safeguard private information and quickly mitigate[...]
Christophe Foulon CybeReady
image August 19, 2021 image 3 MIN READ
Christophe Foulon is a cyber risk strategist, cybersecurity-focused career coach, adjunct professor, and also co-hosting a podcast focused on helping[...]
Overcoming Global Challenges in Employee Security Awareness Training
image August 15, 2021 image 6 MIN READ
Most of our customers are multinational companies employing people worldwide. These customers often encounter resource limitations related to reaching out[...]
7 Steps to Secure Your Data Center
image August 08, 2021 image 7 MIN READ
Data center security is evolving at a fast pace. The demand for comprehensive data center security solutions comes from ever-changing[...]
Law Firm Cyber Security
image August 02, 2021 image 5 MIN READ
Cyber attacks against law firms are on the rise, with an almost 12% increase in law firm security breaches between[...]
image July 28, 2021 image 3 MIN READ
As the company expands reach into key regions and verticals globally, Fogel to leverage his experience to scale market share[...]
image July 25, 2021 image 5 MIN READ
The continuous nature of cyberattacks—phishing in particular—requires hands-on awareness training and experience. With the right program, employees can correctly identify[...]
image July 20, 2021 image 6 MIN READ
Approximately 90 percent of all data breaches result from a phishing attack, according to a recent report from Cisco. Because[...]
image July 19, 2021 image 5 MIN READ
It’s Olympic Games time again, and we could all do with a great distraction from the past 18 months! Unfortunately,[...]
image July 12, 2021 image 2 MIN READ
Ori Russ has been working in the security sector for over 30 years. He worked for over 25 years in[...]
image July 01, 2021 image 6 MIN READ
We’re all guilty of only engaging with employees when we need something. It could be that we want them to[...]
Cybersecurity awareness
image June 28, 2021 image 5 MIN READ
In 2021, despite many technological advances, cybersecurity issues pose increasing threats to businesses. The COVID-19 pandemic brought on a surge[...]
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