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image July 20, 2021 image 6 MIN READ
Approximately 90 percent of all data breaches result from a phishing attack, according to a recent report from Cisco. Because of phishing’s lucrativ[...]
image July 19, 2021 image 5 MIN READ
It’s Olympic Games time again, and we could all do with a great distraction from the past 18 months! Unfortunately, a distracted audience is exactly[...]
image July 12, 2021 image 2 MIN READ
Ori Russ has been working in the security sector for over 30 years. He worked for over 25 years in the Israeli Prime Minister's Office and in the la[...]
image July 01, 2021 image 6 MIN READ
We’re all guilty of only engaging with employees when we need something. It could be that we want them to complete a training module or perhaps chec[...]
Cybersecurity awareness
image June 28, 2021 image 5 MIN READ
In 2021, despite many technological advances, cybersecurity issues pose increasing threats to businesses. The COVID-19 pandemic brought on a surge as [...]
image June 22, 2021 image 2 MIN READ
Piotr Stecz has been working in Adamed Pharma for 18 years in various IT and Security roles. Four years ago he was appointed as the Chief Informatio[...]
optimization is everything
image June 07, 2021 image 5 MIN READ
By Omer Taran, CybeReady Co-Founder & CTO Though the word “automation” was not coined until 1947 by Ford Motor Company to describe the use [...]
Photo Of a Person Driving
image June 02, 2021 image 5 MIN READ
By Mike Polatsek, CybeReady Co-Founder and CSO When a phishing email lands in employees’ inbox, will they take time to review their Awareness Tra[...]
Mário Fernandes, Banco BPI
image May 31, 2021 image 2 MIN READ
Mário João Fernandes, born and raised in Mozambique, has been working in the banking sector for 29 years and has been fulfilling dedicated securit[...]
5 Growing Trends to Watch in Banking Cybersecurity
image May 23, 2021 image 4 MIN READ
The rise of cybercrime in 2020 was widely reported, but did you realize how much of the threat was targeted at the financial sector? 80% of financia[...]
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