Security awareness training has never been easy.Until now.

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Our Mission

CybeReady’s mission is to make security awareness training easy and effective for enterprises. By bringing together learning expertise, data science and automation, we allow enterprises to embrace success.

Our Vision:Readiness for all

"Like a sailing crew in the middle of an unexpected storm, employees need to be ready for any scenario. When it comes to cyberattacks, only continuous, frequent training regimen can build employees readiness".

Mike Polatsek, CybeReady Co-founder & CSO

Our Leadership Team

After training cybersecurity teams for over 20 years, CybeReady’s founders decided to join forces and offer companies around the world learning programs to transform employee resilience. Throughout their journey, the two realized that no human can effectively train an entire workforce 365 days a year, which inspired them to start CybeReady and build a scientific training methodology aimed to change employees' behavior toward cyber attacks.

Omer Taran

Omer Taran

Co-Founder & CTO
Mike Polatsek

Mike Polatsek

Co-Founder & CSO
Jonathan Stone

Jonathan Stone

VP Sales - North America
Asaf Goldberg

Asaf Goldberg

Kosta Beller

Kosta Beller

Shai Horstock

Shai Horstock

Head of Customer Success

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Our Philosophy

“The Future of human learning lies in machine learning”

Machine learning powered platform leverages data to optimize
the learning experience for every employee, every day.

Self improving
Analyze employee statistics to improve performance
Repetition without boredom keeps the learning top of mind
Contextual delivery provides effective performance
Varied stimuli is used for creating robust cognitive patterns
Just-in-Time learning makes the learning relevant & memorable
Dynamic intervals
Training intervals are adjusted to where each employee is in the learning curve

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