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12 Essentials for Every Data Loss Prevention Policy
image May 08, 2023 image 6 MIN READ
As we grow more reliant on data for our day-to-day operations, organizations continue to generate increasing amounts daily. Losing data[...]
Work From Home Cybersecurity: Why you need it, and how to do it?
image May 04, 2023 image 5 MIN READ
The global pandemic created a unique opportunity for cybercriminals to launch cyber attacks. As millions of workers were forced to[...]
Top 10 Fraud Management Tools
image May 01, 2023 image 8 MIN READ
Payment fraud affects many industries, but finance, pharmaceuticals, and manufacturing are particularly vulnerable. It's vital for info/cybersecurity team leads/ managers,[...]
7 Ways to Use Fraud Analytics for Better Cybersecurity
image April 30, 2023 image 6 MIN READ
Spurred on by necessity and convenience, digital transactions make up an ever-increasing share of our day-to-day business. We’re all managing[...]
The PCI Compliance Checklist for InfoSec Pros [XLS Download]
image April 23, 2023 image 5 MIN READ
Organizations across the financial and eCommerce industries, among many others, are responsible for millions of daily customer transactions. These transactions[...]
Navigating DORA Compliance: Strengthen Your Cyber Resilience in 20 Steps
image April 19, 2023 image 9 MIN READ
Thousands of financial institutions across Europe are embracing change and going digital. While this change may be convenient for customers,[...]
Top 10 Credit Card Fraud Detection Solutions in 2023
image April 19, 2023 image 9 MIN READ
Credit card fraud has been an issue that has plagued the financial sector for decades. It is a growing problem[...]
Achieving NIS2 Compliance: 10 Steps to Follow
image April 10, 2023 image 7 MIN READ
Are you prepared to face the growing threat of cybercrime in your software supply chain? As more organizations go digital,[...]
Data Security Essentials for Remote Teams
image April 02, 2023 image 4 MIN READ
Data security practices are essential for all types of work environments. Simply put, data security is the process of safeguarding[...]
What is a Helmet Content Security Policy, and Do You Need It?
image March 28, 2023 image 6 MIN READ
With cyberattacks on websites and web apps proliferating like never before, savvy developers and website admins employ a Content Security[...]
Top 9 Content Security Policy Generators
image March 23, 2023 image 7 MIN READ
Websites and web apps have become prime targets for hackers. Fortunately, the Content Security Policy (CSP) is an easily deployable[...]
What is World Backup Day, and Why Should You Care About It?
image March 14, 2023 image 7 MIN READ
One seemingly ordinary Monday morning, the employees at Pickering Fintech arrived at the office to find their computers infected with[...]
What is Security Awareness Computer-based Training and Where to Start?
image March 13, 2023 image 6 MIN READ
Francis Bacon famously wrote that “knowledge is power” over 400 years ago. In the complex world of cybersecurity, the more[...]
9 Key Steps to Creating a Company Culture of Security
image March 12, 2023 image 6 MIN READ
In 2022, experts estimated that 85% of data breaches involved a human element. That includes exposure of confidential data, misconfigurations,[...]
image March 08, 2023 image 3 MIN READ
No one is an island. We are all impacted by external influences, and this has an overwhelming impact on what[...]
Top 17 RSA Conference 2023 Sessions and Events for Busy CISOs
image March 05, 2023 image 6 MIN READ
One of the most exciting annual events of the information security and cybersecurity industries is the RSA Conference. Among the[...]
Vulnerability Management as a Service: What is it, and is it right for your company?
image March 01, 2023 image 5 MIN READ
Vulnerability management has gained traction and importance in light of multiple high-profile cyber attacks. A staggering 14 ransomware attacks per[...]
8 Tips to Master Your Vulnerability Management Program
image February 26, 2023 image 6 MIN READ
Since the Morris worm propagated on the Internet in 1988 and exploited weaknesses in email and network services, vulnerabilities have[...]
5 Ways Vulnerability Lifecycle Management Can Keep You Out of Trouble
image February 15, 2023 image 5 MIN READ
Often, vulnerability management gets compared to a game of whack-a-mole, where you deal with one vulnerability and two more pop[...]
Top 9 Threat Hunting Tools for 2023
image February 05, 2023 image 8 MIN READ
In nearly all organizations, a significant cyber attack isn’t a question of “if” - it’s a question of “when.” 62%[...]
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