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Data Privacy Day
image January 26, 2022 image 6 MIN READ
How safe is your data from a data breach? After 2021, it might not be so safe after all. Between[...]
8 Best Practices for Data Protection Training
image January 19, 2022 image 6 MIN READ
Do you know the cost of data protection? Chinese social media management solution provider, Socialark, found the cost of not[...]
Panos Panayiotou
image January 13, 2022 image 2 MIN READ
Panos Panayiotou is a Cybersecurity strategist and advisor with over 20 years of experience in the security space. He served[...]
image January 04, 2022 image 4 MIN READ
With the school year now back in full swing, we’re already hearing about severe cyberattacks targeted specifically at educational institutions.[...]
7 Requirements Every Data Protection Training Program Needs
image January 02, 2022 image 5 MIN READ
The first step in keeping your company and its sensitive assets safe is to raise awareness about the need for[...]
Five Security Awareness Training Predictions for the New Year
image December 29, 2021 image 4 MIN READ
It’s that most wonderful time of the year again! With record growth projected for today’s security services, join us as[...]
Why are COVID-related Phishing Scams so Effective
image December 21, 2021 image 4 MIN READ
Another variant, another phishing scam. It seems like every time a new COVID-19 strain hits the headlines, a new wave[...]
Top 10 Data Protection Software
image December 16, 2021 image 6 MIN READ
In 2022, the world is projected to create 74 zettabytes (ZB) of data, growing to an estimated 175 ZB by[...]
The Roles and Responsibilities of a Data Protection Officer
image December 13, 2021 image 5 MIN READ
Today’s tighter data protection and privacy regulations present serious challenges for organizations. Noncompliance and violations mean major penalties from the[...]
5 Reasons Phishing Simulations Tests Fail
image December 10, 2021 image 5 MIN READ
We’ve been running successful phishing simulations for years now, developing proven steps toward employee engagement and behavioral change. Over the[...]
Ultimate Guide to Phishing Protection
image December 09, 2021 image 17 MIN READ
Phishing is the most common type of cybercrime today. According to the FBI, attacks have nearly doubled in frequency from[...]
SodaStream success story
image December 02, 2021 image 3 MIN READ
The Company - a leading manufacturing enterprise with a global reach With millions of customers worldwide using their products, SodaStream[...]
9 Principles of Data Protection
image November 28, 2021 image 5 MIN READ
Got a Yahoo account? You may want to change your password. Between 2013 and 2014, Yahoo experienced two data breaches[...]
It’s the Phishiest Time of the Year Again! The Facts About Phishing Scams and the Holiday Season
image November 24, 2021 image 4 MIN READ
As Black Friday comes and goes, and Thanksgiving is right around the corner, even the grinchiest among us can’t ignore[...]
The Natwest Story from an Awareness Leader perspective
image November 16, 2021 image 4 MIN READ
Ceri J., Security Awareness Manager at NatWest, a UK bank with 74,000 employees, felt she needed to do more to[...]
What’s the Phishing Scam Equivalent of Your Favorite Halloween Costume?
image October 28, 2021 image 4 MIN READ
It’s the spookiest time of the year again, where the young and young at heart alike get all dressed up[...]
The 13 Best Phishing Protection Solutions
image October 21, 2021 image 5 MIN READ
What do French Bank Crédit Agricole, Facebook, and Microsoft have in common? They each made the top three most impersonated[...]
How to Protect Microsoft 365 Users from Phishing Attacks
image October 04, 2021 image 5 MIN READ
Phishing attacks for Microsoft 365, formerly Office 365, are on the rise. In early August 2021, Microsoft issued a warning[...]
Essential Toolkit for National Cybersecurity Awareness Month
image September 22, 2021 image 6 MIN READ
In 2021 alone, cybercrime attacks are expected to cost $6 trillion worldwide, and by 2025, they’re expected to reach $10[...]
Secure your Data Center
image September 13, 2021 image 7 MIN READ
The global COVID-19 pandemic has affected how the world does business, especially with the massive shift to working remotely from[...]
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