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July 14, 2022
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July 5th, 2022
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Events on-demand (watch event recordings)

LinkedIn Live – Inside a Hacker’s Mind

Join our LinkedIn Live to get to know today’s best practices and insights that can be learned from the latest cyberattacks, and how you can easily and effectively implement these key lessons in your security awareness training program.

Language: English

June 12 2022

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THE NEED FOR SPEED – 15-minute live demo

Join Omer Taran, Co-founder & CTO of CybeReady, the world's fastest security training platform, as he demonstrates how security teams globally train their entire organizations effectively, with just one hour per quarter!

Language: English

May 19 2022

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Overcoming Challenges in Multinational Phishing Simulations

During such turbulent times, one should carefully regard all emails with extra caution and double-check the sender’s address. Check out this webinar recording with Omer Taran, and learn how to be proactive in defense of your organization.

Language: English

May 15 2022

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Autonomous platform to raise awareness of phishing and other cybersecurity threats

Watch this recording from the QDP Academy series about how the innovative CybeReady platform is building an organization's security culture by raising employees' awareness of phishing and other threats.

Languages: Polish & English

March 31 2022

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How to create an employee-centric security awareness program that delivers true results

View this webinar recording and learn how to create a security awareness program that is different from everything you have ever known before while engaging your users and automatically works for you.

Languages: German & English

March 27 2022

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Easy Security Awareness – la consapevolezza informatica non è mai

Partecipa al webinar e scopri come creare consapevolezza informatica in modo facile e veloce. Il webinar in collaborazione con CybeReady è rivolto a figure IT e HR.

Language: Italian

March 17 2022

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Prevent cyberattacks by strengthening your most critical defense layer

Join Anders Fleinert Larsen, Cyber Business Unit Leader at Trifork, and Omer Taran, Co-Founder at CybeReady, to learn how to fortify your human firewall, and hear a case story by Ian Parker, CISO at Menzies Distribution.

Language: English

March 8 2022

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No time to waste: automating security awareness training

Join Omer Taran, CybeReady's Co-founder & CTO, and Asaf Goldberg, Director of Strategic Accounts, for a 30-minute session to hear how CybeReady tackles today’s security awareness challenges.

Language: English

February 3 2022

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Omdia Webinar: Measuring Effectiveness in Security Awareness Training

Join Curtis Franklin and Omer Taran to learn more about how security awareness effectiveness can be measured and how to translate the measurements into the language of the boardroom.

Language: English

December 14 2021

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How Cattolica Assicurazioni changed employee behavior toward cyberattacks

A webinar with the CISO of Cattolica Assicurazioni - view this webinar to learn how your team can deploy the most advanced security training platform in less than 24 hours.

Industry: Insurance
Customer: Cattolica Assicurazioni
Country: Italy (Italian)

July 1 2021

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How efficiency leads to stronger performance – CEZ’s success story

Hear CEZ’s success story and learn best practices on making employee awareness training easier, effective, and frictionless. Speaker: Jindrich Sip, Head of Information & Cyber Security Governance at CEZ.

Industry: Energy
Customer: CEZ group
Country: Czech Republic (Czech)

June 1 2021

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From boardroom jitters to data-driven reports – BDO Italia’s success story

Watch this webinar to hear BDO Italia’s success story and learn how you can deploy autonomous training that is easier, effective, and frictionless. Speaker: Giulio Alé, IT Director & CISO at BDO Italia.

Industry: Business Services
Customer: BDO Italia
Country: Italy (Italian)

May 26 2021

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The DIY Security Awareness Training Approach: From Vision to Friction

André Costa Alves, Security & DevOps Lead at Worten Portugal, shares insights from his security training journey, and how he managed to find and deploy an innovative and effective DIY awareness approach.

Industry: Retail
Customer: Worten
Country: Portugal (Portuguese)

May 5 2021

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Why Banks Transition to Fully-Automated Security Awareness Training?

Mario João Fernandes, CISO at Banco BPI, is sharing what led his bank to transition to an autonomous training solution, and what are the main benefits and insights from the transition.

Industry: Banking
Customer: Banco BPI
Country: Portugal (Portuguese)

March 9 2021

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How to Tackle Banking Security Awareness Challenges – With Raiffeisen Bank CSO

Live talk with Dalibor Kovačević, Chief Security Officer at Raiffeisen Bank Croatia, about his experience with Security Awareness Training in the banking industry.

Industry: Banking
Customer: Raiffeisen Bank
Country: Croatia (English)

February 25 2021

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Innovation and Resilience – Learning from Israel’s Strengths

A conversation about CybeReady with Mike Polatsek, CybeReady's Co-Founder & CSO, and Daniela Oliel from Business Metropole Ruhr GmbH, at their Virtual Delegation.

February 21 2021

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The Moment of Truth

A Security & Privacy Architecture Expert’s Perspective on Employee Training. Speakers: Patrick Watson, Security and Privacy Architecture expert, Guillermo Navarro, and Mike Polatsek.

Industry: Finance
Customer: Kabbage
Country: US (English)

October 30 2020

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What is Autonomous Cyber Training?

A CISO's perspective on a proven new approach to training enterprise employees. Speakers: Ian Parker CISO at Menzies Distribution, Mike Polatsek, and Jorge Geddes from Glemnet.

Industry: Manufacturing
Customer: Menzies Distribution
Country: UK (English)

October 22 2020

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La importancia del empleado en la ciberseguridad de las compañías

Descubre cómo Metro de Madrid ha implantado su estrategia de ciberseguridad implicando a sus.

Industry: Manufacturing (Railway)
Customer: Metro de Madrid
Country: Spain (Spanish)

September 29 2020

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Prioritizing people – Leading Change With a Positive Security Approach

Live Talk with Cyber Security Leaders from NatWest (Royal Bank of Scotland).

Industry: Banking
Customer: RBS
Country: UK (English)

September 15 2020

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