Seamlessly align business units.

With ease.

Choose the Elastic Security Program if you are looking to:

Grow your security awareness program with your business

Overcome the challenges of security awareness training in dynamic organizations

Gain these three main benefits from deploying ESP

Grant business units varying levels of autonomy

Manage each of your business units according to their unique needs

Get full visibility and central management to each unit

Make informed decisions based on a comprehensive source of information

Benefit from an orchestrated security awareness program

Follow a baseline of required practices, and mobilize towards a shared goal

What our customers say

Ilan Abadi

Global CISO

“We were faced with the challenge of training 40,000 employees in 65 locations and in 30 different languages. CybeReady’s training platform customizes and localizes the content on the fly, and the training continuously adapts to where employees are at in the learning curve, which has proven to generate a significant change in employee behavior towards phishing attacks globally.”


Daniel Cep

LISO, IT Security

“With a lean security team in place and employees in both corporate and industrial roles, we needed to find an effective way to engage all employees in the security awareness training program without taxing our team. CybeReady’s autonomous training platform runs by itself and trains 100% of the employees year-round with optimal results.”


Hen Ron


“Using CybeReady minimizes risk and gives better protection to our organization. We have manufacturer users, management users, and other levels of users. CybeReady provides each user the relevant training based on his skills. I feel that we made the right choice to go with CybeReady. We see a decrease in the high-risk employee groups, and the positive feedback we receive from the employees is great.”

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Enable each business unit to access its own data
and to control their unique solution and needs