It is time to UPGRADE your Phishing Simulations & Awareness Training Program!


Remote work security

Now more than ever before, many employees work from home and are exposed to cyber attacks


Spike in Phishing

Hackers take advantage of the new uncertainty” phishing attacks have spiked over 300%


IT Burden

InfoSec teams need to free-up resources to deal with other, high-priority tasks

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Switch to the Autonomous Training Platform and Get MORE (effective training) with LESS (IT effort)

Here is why global enterprises choose to replace dated training solutions with CybeReady’s fully-managed platform:

Proven Results

CybeReady’s autonomous training platform is proven to change employee behavior towards cyber attacks. Within 12 months, 100% of our enterprise customers see an average of 83% decrease in high-risk groups and over 4x improvement in Employee Resilience Score.

skoda logo
With a lean security team in place and employees in both corporate and industrial roles, we needed to find a way to engage all employees in the training program without taxing our team. CybeReady’s autonomous training platform runs by itself and trains 100% of the employees year-round with optimal results..
Daniel Cep, IT Security at ŠKODA AUTO

Zero Effort

CybeReady’s fully-managed service eliminates all IT effort. While your busy team handles high-priority tasks, CybeReady autonomously plans, executes and measures your awareness training program. Continuously.

BDO logo
CybeReady is my top solution - before switching to their training platform it was a big hassle for my team to plan, manage and monitor the training effort. Since we switched to CybeReady's fully-managed service, the level of work and effort we need to put into the daily training tasks has decreased significantly and we're very happy with the training results..
Giulio Alè, CISO, Information Technology Department at BDO Italia.

Adaptive at Scale

CybeReady’s A data-driven program, autonomously adapts the learning per each employee's performance and progress, in their native language across locations, roles and departments.

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We were faced with the challenge of training over 40,000 employees in 65 locations and in 30 different languages. CybeReady’s training platform customizes and localizes the content on the fly, and the training continuously adapts to where employees are at in the learning curve, which has proven to generate a significant change in employee behavior towards phishing attacks globally..
Ilan Abadi, Global CISO at Teva Pharmaceuticals

Superior Service

  • “CybeReady gets the job done without bothering the CISO”
  • “I appreciate CybeReady’s service, flexibility and adaptation”
  • “We have witnessed constant improvement and innovation with CybeReady”

IDC Herzliya
In engaging CybeReady, we found a service provider that truly makes a difference. Their team has saved me a lot of time and effort from security administration, and in our second year with them continues to do so,.
Mike Ray, CIO at IDC college

Lowest TCO (Total cost of Ownership):

By switching to CybeReady’s autonomous training platform, you receive a fully-managed service (including planning, executing and communicating the program’s progress) at the same cost of other solutions, which require manual effort and show mediocre results.

We are paying the same as we did to the previous vendor, but getting significantly more value. Since it’s a fully-managed solution, there’s no effort required from our team and the results are significant. It feels like we’ve taken charge of our employee awareness program and can better rely on our own people to make the right decision when faced with a phishing attack..
Yaron Weiss, Payoneer’s VP Corporate Security and Global IT Operations

It is time to UPGRADE your Phishing Simulations & Awareness Training Program!