Cybersecurity Alert: CybeReady Launches AI-Driven Training Toolkits

September 11 2023

CybeReady, a top global security training provider, gives away AI-powered toolkits for Cybersecurity Awareness Month, countering surging cyber dangers tied to hackers’ use of advanced AI tools.

CybeReady Provides Cybersecurity Awareness Month Kits As CISOs Defend Against AI Driven Attacks

September 11 2023

CybeReady, a global leader in security awareness training, today announced new Cybersecurity Awareness Month Training Toolkits to help organizations protect against emerging security threats generated by increasingly powerful AI tools.

MSPAA and CybeReady Strengthen Global Cybersecurity Resilience

August 31 2023

The digital age has witnessed a rapid expansion of attack vectors, making many traditional defense mechanisms obsolete. Cybercriminals no longer rely solely on rudimentary tactics, but instead harness cutting-edge tools and methodologies, leveraging artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning (ML), and automation to breach vulnerable defenses.

Cybersecurity: New workers show higher-risk behaviors compared to veteran employees

August 17 2023

Employers should start new employees with cybersecurity training on day one, judging from the results of a recent study. New employees regularly show a propensity for higher-risk behaviors compared to veteran employees, reports CybeReady, a security awareness training firm.

CybeReady: newer, untrained employees pose heightened cyber risk to organizations

August 1 2023

The data coming out of CybeReady establishes a direct correlation between employee veterancy within a company and its cybersecurity risk level.

Cyber ​​security and data protection even on vacation Criminals don’t take summer vacations!

July 31 2023

Summer holidays! Now it’s time to go on vacation or to the lake, enjoy the sun and just switch off. In principle yes – but you should never ignore the issue of security and be prepared for certain tricks used by criminals. So stay alert – the following tips can help you.

Bolstering Workforce Security During Summer Holidays

July 9 2023

While we all crave relaxed summer getaways, it’s crucial to understand that adversaries never go on vacation. Unlike in schools where criminals take a break, they’re always on the prowl, looking to exploit any vulnerability. So, as we unwind during our holidays, vigilance and adherence to security protocols are paramount. In aid of promoting a […]

Interview mit Cybeready – Security-Awareness-Training

July 6 2023

Trotz zahlreicher Security-Awareness-Trainings reißen die Meldungen über Security-Breaches in Unternehmen nicht ab. Sind diese Trainings nicht effektiv genug? Darüber sprach Netzpalaver via Remote-Session mit Dirk Rausse, Regional Sales Director DACH bei Cybeready.

CybeReady issues a summer saeson guide outlining 5 workforce security strategies

June 29 2023

Santa Clara, Calif. — CybeReady, a global leader in security awareness training, today announced the release of its informative guide, “Five Workforce Security Strategies to Consider During Summer Holidays.”[…]

CybeReady Outlines Five Workforce Security Strategies for the Summer Season

June 20 2023

Produced by the company’s security experts, the guide is part of the CISO Toolkit, which is designed to help cybersecurity managers to communicate tips and best practices and help employees in maintaining a higher level of security – easily and effectively. The Summer Guide focuses on employee awareness and vigilance while on vacation. […]