Ben Rothke">Hi-5 With A Security Expert

Ben Rothke

Ben Rothke is a cybersecurity expert with 20 years of experience in the cyberspace industry, 3 years ago he was appointed as the Senior Information Security Manager at Tapad.

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Idan Sivan, FBC & Co.">Hi-5 With A CISO

Idan Sivan, FBC & Co.

Happy to host Idan Sivan on our HI-5 with the CISO! Read his insights about the challenges security leaders face, what he asks candidates and who would he invite for dinner?

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Panos Panayiotou">Hi-5 With A Security Expert

Panos Panayiotou

Panos Panayiotou is a Cybersecurity strategist and advisor with over 20 years of experience in the security space - he served as the acting CISO of the Bank of Cyprus for over 8 years.

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Christophe Foulon">Hi-5 With A Security Expert

Christophe Foulon

Christophe Foulon is a cyber risk strategist, cybersecurity-focused career coach, and inspiring podcaster helping people to break into the Cybersecurity industry.

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Ori Russ, eToro">Hi-5 With A Security Expert

Ori Russ, eToro

What do Charlie Chaplin, Coca-Cola, and Security Awareness Training have in common? Read these Hi-5 insights from Ori Russ, Physical Security Expert at eToro.

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Piotr Stecz, Adamed Pharma">Hi-5 With A CISO

Piotr Stecz, Adamed Pharma

Hi Edward Snowden, if you are around, Piotr Stecz, the CISO & CIO of Adamed Pharma has some interesting (friendly!) questions to run by you.

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Mário Fernandes, Banco BPI">Hi-5 With A CISO

Mário Fernandes, Banco BPI

People who make security errors are the best ones to spread the right practices! Find out why along with other insights from Mário Fernandes, CISO at Banco BPI, that is sharing from his 29 years of experience.

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Dmitriy Sokolovskiy, Avid Technology">Hi-5 With A CISO

Dmitriy Sokolovskiy, Avid Technology

What's the most effective tool in a CISO’s toolbox and how to deploy a security awareness-driven culture in 5 steps? Dmitriy Sokolovskiy, CISO at Avid Technology, shares his great insights on this 'HI-5 with a CISO'.

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Ilan Abadi, Teva Pharmaceuticals">Hi-5 With a CISO

Ilan Abadi, Teva Pharmaceuticals

On our first HI-5 post, we're proud to feature Ilan Abadi, VP, Global CISO at Teva Pharma - the largest generic drug manufacturer in the world.

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Gil Polak, Bank of Israel">Hi-5 With a CISO

Gil Polak, Bank of Israel

What would Gil Polak, Bank of Israel's CISO, never say to an employee who's made a security error, and whom would he choose to invite for dinner? Check out his replies.

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Dalibor Kovacevic, Raiffeisen Bank">Hi-5 With a CISO

Dalibor Kovacevic, Raiffeisen Bank

Who would Dalibor Kovačević, CSO at Raiffeisen Bank Croatia, choose to have dinner with and what would he ask him to share? Read this insightful Hi-5 post.

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Ceri Jones, Royal Bank of Scotland">Hi-5 With A Security Expert

Ceri Jones, Royal Bank of Scotland

Ceri Jones believes that security awareness doesn’t need to be formal or follow a defined set of rules. Read this post and see who she'd invite for dinner.

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Lesley Marjoribanks, M&G">Hi-5 With A Security Expert

Lesley Marjoribanks, M&G

We're happy to feature this Hi-5 insights post from Lesley Marjoribanks, a security awareness champion, and a visionary cybersecurity leader.

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Hen Ron, SodaStream">Hi-5 With A Security Expert

Hen Ron, SodaStream

Pour yourself a glass of soda and check out this Hi-5 questionnaire with Hen Ron, Global Infrastructure Manager & CISO at SodaStream International. Cheers!

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Ian Parker, Menzies Distribution">Hi-5 With A CISO

Ian Parker, Menzies Distribution

Ian Parker's tip for a new CISO? Enjoy yourself. Don’t panic unless someone died! Think this is easier said than done? Maybe not after you've seen it all in over 20 years of security management experience in leading UK companies.

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Rene Leimegger, Alpega Group">Hi-5 With A CISO

Rene Leimegger, Alpega Group

What does Arnold Schwarzenegger have to do with security awareness training? Check out this Hi-5 interview with Rene Leimegger, CISO at Alpega Group, and discover how "The Austrian Oak" can contribute to InfoSec managers.

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Andrea Szeiler, Transcom">Hi-5 With A CISO

Andrea Szeiler, Transcom

Why Andrea Szeiler, Global CISO at Transcom, will never call a security error "a mistake" and what's the one thing she always looks for when recruiting? Excited to have the Co-Founder & President of WITSEC on this 'Hi-5 with a CISO'.

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