3C – CISO Communication Center

Program Kick-off Announcement

Designed to introduce the new cyber security training program to all employees, make them aware of the training goals, understand its importance and embrace it.

Onboarding letter to new employees

Any new employee is automatically identified by the platform and receives a personal welcome email, informing them on the program automatic enrolment.

Smart Reporting & Presentations

  • Activity report – Delivered to the security team on a weekly basis with details on the activity progress to date.
  • End of campaign report – Delivered to the security team at the end of each phishing campaign, and includes a summary of results, as well as a comparative analysis to the previous two campaigns.
  • Periodic Business Review – Designed to eliminate the stress associated board meeting/management presentation the report highlights the progress made to date (i.e. program ROI) using advanced KPIs such as Risk Group Distribution, Serial Clickers and Employee Resilience Score. Charts, dates and KPIs can be easily customized in the PowerPoint file provided. The report is delivered on a quarterly basis or on-demand (generated instantly from the dashboard).

“The Future of human learning lies in machine learning”

Machine learning powered platform leverages data to optimize
the learning experience for every employee, every day.

Self improving
Analyze employee statistics to improve performance
Repetition without boredom keeps the learning top of mind
Contextual delivery provides effective performance
Varied stimuli is used for creating robust cognitive patterns
Just-in-Time learning makes the learning relevant & memorable
Dynamic intervals
Training intervals are adjusted to where each employee is in the learning curve
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