Platform Capabilities – Key Features

Clear Choice Campaign

Suggests the best simulation combination for your organization, allowing you to simply “confirm’ and go live instantly.

3D Simulation Engine

Data Driven Distribution (3D) Engine automatically assigns employees with the most relevant messages to them, which guarantees high engagement.

Localization Engine

Translates and localizes the phishing simulation emails and training content on the fly, to adapt to each employee’s native language.

Just-in-Time Learning

Training is done “in the golden moment” when employees clicks on a phishing email, training them exactly on what they failed to notice, therefore making the training engaging and effective.

Real-Time Analytics

KPIs such as Employee Resilience Score, Serial Clickers Group and Risk Group Distribution are available in real-time via the smart BI customer dashboard as well as shareable reports.

High-Risk Group Bootcamp

intensified training for high-risk groups (e.g., Serial Clickers, new employees), including high frequency intervals and adjusted difficulty level – until employees “convert” to a lower-risk group.

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phishing simulation training

Download Phishing Simulation Playbook

“The Future of human learning lies in machine learning”

Machine learning powered platform leverages data to optimize
the learning experience for every employee, every day.

Self improving
Analyze employee statistics to improve performance
Repetition without boredom keeps the learning top of mind
Contextual delivery provides effective performance
Varied stimuli is used for creating robust cognitive patterns
Just-in-Time learning makes the learning relevant & memorable
Dynamic intervals
Training intervals are adjusted to where each employee is in the learning curve