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Learn how our phishing simulations & learning can help you achieve your goals in no time

Reduce Employee Risk with our Phishing Simulations & Learning

There are 3 main components of an effective phishing simulations program. BLAST allows you to run them continuously without the hassle.

Run data-driven campaigns

  • Automated engine suggests the right set of phishing simulations for your organization
  • Award Winning ML engine uses Smart-Assign to assign simulations per department
  • Localization engine runs simulations in 35 different languages in parallel

Provide adaptive training

  • Every simulation directs to custom training content that is tailored for the simulation
  • Location-based content personalization makes your employees feel the simulation speaks their language
  • The content is branded according to your organization look and feel

Leverage risk-based programs

  • Employees are automatically enrolled in specialized training programs based on their performance
  • Phishing content and level of difficulty is adjusted to the training group needs
  • Gain insights into your risk groups with advanced analytics

Learn how BLAST boosts Avid's security awareness training

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What our customers say

Yaron Weiss
VP Corporate Security & Global IT Operations
“We are paying the same as we did to the previous vendor, but getting much more value. Since it’s a fully-managed solution, there’s no effort required from our team and the results are significant. It feels like we’ve taken charge of our employee awareness and can better rely on our people to make the right decision when faced with a phishing attack."
Giulio Alè
CISO, Information Technology Department
“CybeReady is my top solution - before switching to their training platform it was a big hassle for my team to plan, manage and monitor the training effort. Since we switched to CybeReady's fully-managed service, the level of work and effort we need to put into the daily training tasks has decreased significantly and we're very happy with the results.”
Dalibor Kovacević
Chief Security Officer
“The spike in phishing attacks targeting bank employees drove us to search for an effective solution to mitigate that risk. We switched to CybeReady in 2019 and have been seeing a constant improvement in employees’ ability to identify and avoid phishing attacks. The best part is that the solution is fully-automated and removes all IT overhead.”