Banks Have Unique Security Challenges

Banks Have Unique Security Challenges

Onboard a Cybersecurity Awareness Training Program that sets you up for success

Banking & Financial Institutions are 300x more vulnerable to cyber attacks than any other sector. CybeReady’s training solution gets your employees fit for the front lines.

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Our Learning Platform Sets You Up for Success

Ease of Operation

Ease of Operation

  • SaaS platform facilitates easy onboarding
  • Azure Active Directory & Google Workspace integration
  • Operation and reporting takes just one-hour per quarter
Adaptive at scale

Adaptive at scale

  • 100% of employees trained every single month
  • Short training sessions adapt per employee group
  • A fully-managed solution with training expertise built-in
Risk Reduction

Risk Reduction

  • Proven 5x increase in resilience to cyber attacks
  • High-Risk employee group reduced by 80%
  • Real-time KPI's for tracking & reporting progress
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“With the help of CybeReady we can display the data in a more positive frame and talk about employee resilience and how their behaviors have changed over time. That was a really big reason why I decided to switch from other suppliers and it’s in line with the way that NatWest group is moving: valuing our colleagues' skills more, building them up and helping them be successful”. Lesley Marjoribanks
Awareness Training Lead at RBS (NatWest)

Headlines point to the growing security threat in the banking sector

March 2020

US, Canadian, Australian Banks Hit By Banking Trojan

July 2020

Sec Warning of Ransomware Attacks on US Banks

December 2020

FBI warns of Cyber criminals targeting banks via third parties

Banks have unique training needs and vulnerabilities

Your employees are smart, talented, and committed to keeping your customer data secure —but they may not be prepared to face the evolving cyber threats they are exposed to every day. Your employee training program should mimic the hackers: It should target employees repeatedly at organic points during their working routine, creating many short opportunities for engagement and success.

Banks have unique training challenges

CybeReady has the solution

In-person training is not practical

Your bank is likely to have a distributed workforce, making it almost impossible to get everyone in the same physical place at the same time. Different branches typically have unique traits and characteristics, which will require different styles of training. However, creating multiple training programs is a drain on resources.

CybeReady’s solution is fully automated

The platform distributes training campaigns daily based on real-time data, so 100% of your workforce gets trained every single month, no matter where they’re based. CybeReady’s training content is automatically customized and localized per industry, geography and language, and evolves as users interact with the training content, based on their levels of engagement and performance.

Old Habits die hard

Bank employees cover roles from IT and tellers, to sales and marketers - and many of them have worked with a specific organization for years, building up a certain way of doing things. The challenge is delivering training content that boosts organizational security posture, positively impacting the behavior of these long-term employees, without having a negative impact on their productivity or morale.

CybeReady’s solution offers a personalized learning experience

Training sessions autonomously adapt per employees’ individual learning pace so that high-risk employees receive high-frequency training. Continuous learning, repetition, and a range of experiences and scenarios challenge employees’ abilities over and over again. The result? New habits, and a well-trained staff who naturally make smarter choices.

Legacy infrastructures lead to legacy mindsets

Banks often rely on integrated legacy technologies guarding critical data and applications, and yet are also embracing digital transformation roadmaps. In this hybrid reality, and with tight compliance regulations to consider, they can only afford to implement technology that’s highly secure and reduces complexity.

CybeReady’s training platform is cloud-based and easy to implement

CybeReady is an end-to-end training platform - so there’s no need for additional resources to deploy and manage your entire security awareness program. Our POC allows you to evaluate the full implementation process with no risk. Onboarding the program takes about one-hour, and operating and monitoring your training progress is estimated at one hour per quarter. CybeReady’s award-winning SaaS platform offers Azure AD and Google Workspace integrations, holds ISO 27001 security certification, and supports Single Sign On (SAML2).

Take a closer look at the CybeReady Security Awareness Training Platform

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Take a closer look at the CybeReady Security Awareness Training Platform