Manufacturing Companies Have Complex Security Challenges

Manufacturing Companies Have Complex Security Challenges

Onboard a Cybersecurity Awareness Program that makes Training Easy and Effective

Almost 50% of companies in the manufacturing industry have recently reported a cyber breach. With phishing on the rise, CybeReady’s training solution protects your employees from day one.

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Our Learning Platform Sets You Up for Success

Ease of Operation

Ease of Operation

  • SaaS platform facilitates easy onboarding
  • Azure Active Directory & Google Workspace integration
  • Operation and reporting takes just one-hour per quarter
Adaptive at scale

Adaptive at scale

  • 100% of employees trained every single month
  • Short training sessions adapt per employee group
  • A fully-managed solution with training expertise built-in
Risk Reduction

Risk Reduction

  • Proven 5x increase in resilience to cyber attacks
  • High-Risk employee group reduced by 80%
  • Real-time KPI's for tracking & reporting progress
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“With a lean security team in place and employees in both corporate and industrial roles, we needed to find a way to engage all employees in the training program without taxing our team. CybeReady’s autonomous training platform runs by itself and trains 100% of the employees year-round with optimal results”. Daniel Cep
IT Security at ŠKODA AUTO

Headlines point to the growing security threat in the Manufacturing industry

Ransomware attacks against manufacturing companies have tripled in the last year

The world’s largest office furniture manufacturer shut down global operations for two weeks after a recent ransomware attack

Almost 20% of all phishing attacks are aimed at the manufacturing industry

Take a closer look at the CybeReady Security Awareness Training Platform

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Take a closer look at the CybeReady Security Awareness Training Platform