Meet CAB (Continuous Awareness Bites) – a revolutionary approach to awareness training!

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Introducing a new approach to security awareness training that transforms the cyber security culture across enterprises.
Speakers: Omer Taran, CybeReady Co-founder & CTO, Shlomi GIan, CybeReady CEO



Traditional awareness training programs fall short in engaging employees and changing the cybersecurity culture.

Training modules are long and tedious, and despite the high cost, resource and time investment, they fail to resonate with employees and change behavior.

CybeReady’s award-winning autonomous training platform is taking a quantum leap with additional awareness modules that cover all training and compliance needs. Content is delivered to employees via short, continuous ‘bites’ that generate conversations and transform the organizational cybersecurity culture.

CAB is uniquely:

* Engaging
* Effortless
* Efficient

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