Content Isn’t King – A Lesson from My Daily Toothbrushing for Cyber Security Awareness Training

By Mike Polatsek
image August 15, 2023 image 2 MIN READ

Embark on a journey with me through my morning routine, where using an electric toothbrush uncovered profound insights into the world of cyber security awareness training. As daylight gently fills the room, I encounter my dependable toothbrush – a seemingly ordinary device with an extraordinary twist.

This toothbrush, a modern marvel, boasts performance metrics that meticulously track my brushing technique – time and coverage. Yet, upon closer inspection, I realize that these metrics triggered me to improve my performance.

How? Just because they are there. A basic learning principle argues that learning is by doing and knowing the results.

The echoes of my toothbrush contemplations resonate as I discern parallels. In the landscape of cyber security awareness training, flashy content – interactive videos, captivating graphics, and enticing quizzes – often take center stage. But here’s the revelation: content consumption alone isn’t enough. It’s like expecting my teeth to gleam just because I’m watching videos on YouTube.



This gap becomes more pronounced when observing the landscape of cyber security awareness training. Many training programs and vendors prioritize glitzy content, captivating learners with multimedia extravaganzas. Yet, my toothbrush insights shed light on a pivotal truth: content consumption alone isn’t the answer. Content cannot replace the act of effective brushing, content alone can’t replace the essence of practice or learning by doing as a key for personal and organizational readiness.

Much like my toothbrush isn’t just about watching videos, effective cyber security awareness training isn’t about flashy content. You should value the practical experience, immersive exercises, and continuous learning.

It’s time for a transformation in the realm of cyber security awareness training. Insights from my morning toothbrush routine underscore the need for a shift in focus. Instead of being entranced by flashy content, learners require opportunities for meaningful practice, engagement with realistic scenarios, and the chance to learn from their mistakes. It’s akin to translating the metrics on my toothbrush into actionable insights for cyber security awareness training readiness.

As you stand in your bathroom, the next time you reach for your electric toothbrush, remember not just the importance of oral health but also this insightful truth. And as you navigate the intricate landscape of cyber security awareness training, carry with you the understanding that content isn’t king. True proficiency is forged through the deliberate pursuit of hands-on practice, engagement, and immersive learning experiences.