Shifting gears on our journey to transform the global anti-phishing training market

By Mike Polatsek
image November 14, 2018 image 2 MIN READ

Over the past two years, CybeReady has grown significantly to become a key player in the anti-phishing space. With customers across five continents and best-in-class service operation in 65 languages, we’ve successfully penetrated major industries including Healthcare, Finance, Telecom, and Energy.  Most importantly, we are delighting CISOs and security teams every day and building a new, groundbreaking standard with CybeReady’s turnkey, AI-powered anti-phishing simulation training program.

Shlomi Gian, CEO

As we continue to evolve at a rapid pace, we’ve recognized the need to expand our leadership team. On this note, it’s my sincere pleasure to welcome Shlomi Gian to the team as our new CEO. Based in the San Francisco Bay Area, Shlomi is a tech veteran with an impressive executive track record. He has led multiple tech firms and disruptive technologies towards significant growth and major acquisitions. Shlomi is a well-versed executive with a blend of product development background and high-level business proceedings.

“I’m excited to join CybeReady and accelerate the growth created by the founding team”, Shared Shlomi.  “I was fired up by the strong product-market fit and believe that it is a direct result of the unique value CybeReady creates.  I’m confident that together we will grow to disrupt the anti-phishing training market”.

The team at CybeRady already appreciates Shlomi’s collaborative style and innovative approach, and we’re confident that his leadership will usher us into an exciting next chapter for CybeReady.

As for me,  in my new role as Chief Strategy Officer, I will spearhead CybeReady’s customer acquisition and retention initiatives and collaborate with our R&D team on continuously improving our user experience and developing new, innovative product features..

The future is bright for CybeReady!

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Mike Polatsek