How to train a global and diverse workforce to reduce the risk of cyberattack

By Nitzan Gursky
image December 02, 2021 image 3 MIN READ

The SodaStream customer success story.

The Company – a leading manufacturing enterprise with a global reach

How to train a global and diverse workforce to reduce the risk of cyberattack With millions of customers worldwide using their products, SodaStream is a top-tier manufacturing company best known as the maker of the consumer home carbonation product of the same name. SodaStream sparkling water makers enable consumers to transform ordinary tap water into sparkling water and flavored sparkling water at the touch of a button.

Their sparkling water makers also offer a highly differentiated and innovative alternative to consumers of bottled and canned carbonated soft drinks. SodaStream was founded in 1903 in the UK and was an instant hit with the British upper class including the royal household!

In 2010, SodaStream celebrated its initial public offering in the NASDAQ Global Exchange Market under the ticker “SODA”. Today, SodaStream is the #1 sparkling water brand in the world, selling to more than 45 countries and 80,000 retail stores across the globe.

The Challenge – train a global and diverse workforce to reduce the cyberattack risk

an automated security awareness training platform When it comes to cybersecurity, the human factor is a significant risk to businesses.

A recent study from Stanford University found that employee mistakes are the root of 88% of data breach incidents! Whether it’s the continuous nature of cyberattacks (phishing in particular) that requires hands-on awareness training or the COVID-19 pandemic that brought on a surge as more people began working remotely – many organizations’ data remains unprotected, making them vulnerable to cyberattacks.

So how can a global enterprise like SodaStream, with a multinational workforce of over 2,500 employees in various types of spheres worldwide, fight this growing threat? Hen Ron, SodaStream’s Global Infrastructure Manager & CISO, has been leading the company’s security efforts since 2019. With a steady increase in phishing attacks, Ron realized the high-risk potential from SodaStream’s insider threat: “From my perspective, the human factor is the biggest risk in terms of cybersecurity. We have manufacturer users, we have management users, and other different levels of users, all need to be trained against constant phishing attempts.”   

The Solution – an automated security awareness training platform

In Q3 of 2020, SodaStream decided to evaluate products for cybersecurity awareness training. After deploying a demo of the CybeReady autonomous tool, Ron was immediately sold that CybeReady’s solution addressed all the challenges they were facing and will provide them with the best value: “We decided to go with CybeReady since their product gave us the most valuable feedback during the POC.”, he said.

Built by cybersecurity training experts, CybeReady’s autonomous learning platform combines data science with advanced automation, which enables organizations to deliver employees with engaging and frictionless training programs. 

Getting started with CybeReady was quick and simple. The deployment didn’t add any burden for the SodaStream IT team, and generated positive feedback from the very beginning:

“The implementation and the use of CybeReady is awesome. It took us only a few days to implement the product and go to production mode. We are only viewing the reports of the product, but basically, the product is running on its own, like autopilot.”, said Ron.

The Results – Reduced the cybersecurity organizational risk to a minimum

Ron started noticing the difference in employees’ behavior towards phishing attacks pretty quickly. Using CybeReady as a solution minimized SodaStream’s cybersecurity organizational risk and equipped them with better protection of their business. According to Ron, in terms of user resources, feedback from the management, and feedback from the users, the implementation of CybeReady provided them with the best value from all the security solutions they deployed:

“The CybeReady solution provides each user the most relevant training based on his skills, and the feedback from the users for both the cybersecurity phishing attacks and for the security simulation is awesome”, shared Ron. 

CybeReady also provides SodaStream’s security team with weekly, monthly, and quarterly reports that can be easily shared with Management. SodaStream’s executives highly appreciate the robust business intelligence features and the ability to track their progress.

Looking back, I feel that we made the right choice to go with CybeReady,” said Ron. “We see the decrease of the high-risk employee groups and the positive feedback that we are constantly receiving from the employees.”


It’s time to choose an interactive and engaging solution that provides real-time insights for optimum effectiveness. Click here to see CybeReady in action: