Top 9 Content Security Policy Generators

By Aby David Weinberg
image March 23, 2023 image 7 MIN READ

Websites and web apps have become prime targets for hackers. Fortunately, the Content Security Policy (CSP) is an easily deployable defense. Does your website or online application employ a CSP, or have you considered using one but are unsure how to generate the necessary code? If you answered “No” to the first question or “Yes” to the second one, this post is for you.

A CSP is an essential defense against malicious injection cyber assaults like cross-site scripting (XSS) attacks, which are annually found to be one of the most common vulnerabilities. A CSP functions by enabling website owners to provide a set of rules for their information components, such as images, stylesheets, and scripts, which can be loaded onto their website or application. 

CSPs are used across 82.05% of industries because they reduce the risk of data theft, privacy violations, and other security breaches by preventing malicious code from running on your website. Since a CSP is a crucial instrument for guaranteeing the safety and security of web applications, all website owners are strongly recommended to integrate it into their overall security policy.

To make the installation of CSPs easier for website owners, developers, and InfoSec professionals, there are Content Security Policy Generator tools. This post will explore what Content Security Policy Generators are, their benefits and features, and survey the top nine CSP generators available.

What is a Content Security Policy Generator?

A technology that automates the process of developing a unique CSP for a website or web application is called a Content Security Policy (CSP) generator.

The generator enables website owners to determine which content types (including scripts, stylesheets, fonts, photos, and other forms of content) are permitted to be loaded onto their site and which sources can be trusted.

The CSP generator creates a unique CSP code snippet that can be inserted into the website’s HTML header using the provided parameters.

The created code minimizes the danger of XSS attacks and other web-based assaults by loading only permitted content sources onto the page.

What are the benefits of a Content Security Policy Generator?

A website owner can gain much by using a (CSP) generator in several ways, including: 

5 Key Features of a Content Security Policy Generator

A Content Security Policy (CSP) generator ensures that cross-site scripting (XSS) and data injection attacks are identified and neutralized on your website. A robust CSP generator should contain the following essential characteristics:

  1. Compatibility – The CSP generator must offer CSPs compatibility with a range of browsers, including earlier versions.
  1. Report-only Option – The generator should have a report-only option to enable website owners to evaluate their CSPs without enforcing them.
  1. Support for Several Domains – Website owners should be able to establish and maintain CSPs for any domain they own by utilizing the CSP generator.
  1. Instructions and Documentation – The CSP generator must offer guidelines and documentation that spell out how to create and use a CSP, and the most effective ways to maintain one currently.
  1. Automatic Updates –The CSP generator should be updated frequently to reflect modifications to browser behavior and security recommendations.

Ultimately, an effective CSP generator should offer a complete and user-friendly solution for setting up and maintaining a CSP for a website, ensuring the security of both the website and its visitors.

Top 9 Content Security Policy Generators


Main Features is a user-friendly CSP generator that enables website owners to customize their CSPs, evaluate them in report-only mode, and generate CSPs compatible various browsers.

Best for: Testing using a range of browsers in report-only mode; Users with limited technical skills

Price: Free plan to create and assess CSPs, with a Premium plan at $90/year

2. Report URI

Main Features

Report URI is known for its ability to defend against Magecart and Click-Jacking attacks. It also detects and fixes Mixed Content. Its CSP Wizard can provide a comprehensive list of all resources used throughout your site in seven days or less, making creating a workable Content Security Policy easier than ever with just a few clicks.

Best for: Receiving, evaluating, and managing security reports from multiple sources

Price: There’s a 14-day Free plan, a $5 Standard plan, and a Pro plan for enterprise-grade security priced by inquiry.

3. Blue Triangle

blue triangle

Main Features

Blue Triangle’s CSP offers real-time monitoring and analytics, digital experience management, alerts and notifications, and integration with other solutions.

Best for: Offering analytical data on website traffic, sales, and performance for media outlets, e-commerce, and sales-driven websites

Price: There’s a Free Trial available. Pricing is traffic-volume based, starting at $2500 for up to 5 million page views, with proportional pricing beyond that.

4. Feroot DomainGuard

Main Features

Feroot’s key features include connecting with third-party tools, easy interaction with development workflows, automated testing utilizing AI-powered tools, and configurable testing capabilities.

Best for: Mobile app developers and rapid integration into development and workflows

Price: There’s a Free Trial, then three pricing plans: Monthly at $149/month, Pro at $499/month, and an Enterprise plan with pricing upon request.

5. ValidBot

validbot csp

Main Features

ValidBot’s CSP generator offers features that include checking for accessibility problems, broken links, and HTML/CSS validation mistakes; and delivering informative reports with actionable insights. You also get customizing checks, integrations with development workflows, and adherence to WCAG 2.1 and Section 508 criteria.

Best for: Enhancing usability, accessibility, and technical compliance

Price: Three pricing plans: Basic at $39/month for up to 1,000 webpage views, Pro at $99/month for up to 5,000 webpage views, and an Enterprise plan with pricing upon request.

6. CSP Content Security Policy Generator by RapidSec

Main Features

The Content Security Policy (CSP) Generator by RapidSec, now owned by Orca Security, offers diverse benefits to website owners. These include customizing options that are simple to use, the ability to avoid cross-site scripting (XSS) threats, browser compatibility, and integration with other security solutions.

Best for: Flexible yet straightforward implementations, integration with wide variety of browsers

Price: Free license

7. Really Simple SSL Pro

Main Features

The primary functions of Really Simple SSL Pro include CSP generation, report delivery, policy customization, and interface with other security solutions.

Best for: Defense against cross-site scripting (XSS) assaults. Suitable for non-technical users.

Price: A limited Free license is available. A Single-site license is $39.99/month, while the

Unlimited license is $99.99/month.

8. Security Header Generator

Main Features

A WordPress plug-in, Security Header Generator performs the generation of security headers and delivers comprehensive reports with insightful analysis. Its key characteristics include customization of headers, connection with other security solutions, and compatibility with various browsers.

Best for: Businesses of all sizes that use WordPress as their website platform

Price: Free

9. Content Security Policy Pro

Main Features

Another WordPress plug-in, Content Security Policy Pro’s features include the capacity to create and change CSPs, provide comprehensive reports with actionable insights, monitor CSP violations, communicate with other security plug-ins, and manage multiple CSP directives.

Best for: Easy installation and integration, and granularity of control via whitelist and blacklist filters

Price: Free license

Stay Safe with these 9 CSP Generation Tools

To safeguard their websites from XSS assaults, website owners can employ straightforward yet effective solutions like Content Security Policy generators. Web admins can manage their site’s access to external resources by utilizing Content Security Policies developed for them based on their site’s specific requirements. The advantages offered by CSP generators include monitoring for violations, thorough reports, and compatibility with other security solutions. Most importantly, they alleviate the need to self-generate the code necessary to protect your website or web app.

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