Better than Zoom, Cisco and Cofence! How Did CybeReady Score a 78 NPS?

By Omer Taran
image July 09, 2020 image 3 MIN READ

At CybeReady, we strive to improve every day (weekends included)!

Over the past two years we’ve asked our customers, “How likely are you to recommend CybeReady’s Autonomous Security Awareness Training to a colleague?” When the results came through from hundreds of customers, we proudly calculated an average Net Promoter Score (NPS) of 78! 

How does this score compare? 

NPS is used for gauging customers’ overall satisfaction with a company’s product or service. The score ranges between (-100) to 100. Per Retenly’s 2020 Report, the benchmark score for SaaS companies is 30, and a NPS score over 70 means your customers love you and generate a lot of positive word-of-mouth.”

For reference: Zoom’s NPS is 62, Cofence’s NPS is 53  and Fortinet’s is -8

Here’s what our customers are saying:

How did we do it?

Simple: We built a solution that puts the customer first. It’s an approach rooted in empowering InfoSec teams to achieve more (effective training) with less (IT resources). These goals are at the core of our customer experience. Here’s how we do it:

  1. Minimize time to value: There is an ancient proverb: “A wise person is one that is able to learn from others.” At CybeReady, we put this proverb to use by sharing what we’ve learned from previous customers to flatten the learning curve and ensure the fastest onboarding experience. Take the common task of domain whitelisting for example: We don’t want our customers to waste precious time testing and troubleshooting the process, so in addition to providing them with the  technical documentation, we share practical advice and know-how accumulated from previous customers operating similar email server configuration.
  2. Proactive knowledge sharing: Systems are built by experts, and as they mature, there is an increasing knowledge gap that customers are expected to bridge. Our customer success team is constantly working to find alignment between product functionality and customer needs. We believe it is our duty to not only listen to what the customer wants, but also to provide them with what they need. This means helping them to benefit from the accumulated data we leverage for any decision our product makes, as well as our own past experiences.
  3. Empathy, support and fun: Managing enterprise cybersecurity awareness training can be stressful. Before anything else, we make sure to understand the challenges our customers face and endeavour to put ourselves in their shoes. When they need help, we offer our support immediately and try to alleviate their pain any way we can. In an environment of continuous stress, being a source of relief is an honor and a privilege. Customers appreciate the gestures of a much-needed feature or a special custom report. Keeping the communication informal and fun serves as a constant reminder that behind our great technology, there are real people who love what they do and are always there to make things easier and better for our customers.

Our customer-centric approach has yielded a fully-managed platform for effective employee training, while making InfoSec teams more efficient and successful in their work. It’s all part of our full commitment to being there for our customers: To listen, support, and improve our product and services. Constantly. In our experience, this approach builds trust, generates growth and establishes long-lasting, and mutually beneficial relationships.

To see how you can benefit from CybeReady’s unparalleled customer service, meet with our team for a product demo and see the autonomous cybersecurity awareness training platform in action.