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image April 12, 2019 image 3 MIN READ
Approximately 90% of enterprises have been hit by a cyberattack, with 96% of all data breaches starting with a phishing[...]
image February 26, 2019 image 3 MIN READ
You are in the middle of another hectic work day, trying to complete a presentation for tomorrow’s meeting. You skim[...]
image December 17, 2018 image 4 MIN READ
How do you measure the success of a phishing simulation? If you’re like many people in the cybersecurity community, you[...]
image December 04, 2018 image 3 MIN READ
Understanding why employees fall for more phishing attacks during the holiday season and training them to resist the ‘urge to[...]
image November 14, 2018 image 2 MIN READ
Over the past two years, CybeReady has grown significantly to become a key player in the anti-phishing space. With customers[...]
image November 05, 2018 image 4 MIN READ
Most employees and even many security professionals would likely agree that security training content is boring. In fact, people often[...]
image October 14, 2018 image 3 MIN READ
One point is very clear: phishing has proven over time that it’s technology agnostic. Whichever anti-phishing solution companies use, an[...]
image September 20, 2018 image 3 MIN READ
I’m going to tell you something that you likely already know—running a great phishing simulation program is not often easy.[...]
image August 20, 2018 image 3 MIN READ
  Everyone in the security world is talking about automation. What began as a hot trend in code development is[...]
image August 07, 2018 image < 1
CybeReady is now ISO 27001 certified. This globally recognized certification is another step in CybeReady's path toward making its anti-phishing[...]
image August 07, 2018 image 3 MIN READ
I spoke with Omer Taran, CybeReady’s CTO, about his company’s beginning, and the bedrock of security on which it is[...]
image August 05, 2018 image 5 MIN READ
Our customers run between 40–80 phishing simulations a year, and yet it only takes them about an hour each quarter.[...]
image May 01, 2018 image 3 MIN READ
Phishing prevention employee training is regarded as a must-have security control by most security consultancies, and many organizations are already[...]
image February 07, 2018 image < 1
We are very excited to take a leading part in a unique cyber event that will take place in Prague[...]
image February 01, 2018 image < 1
CybeReady, the first anti-phishing learning automation provider, is pleased to announce that a new Portuguese enterprise has finished an in-depth[...]
image November 29, 2017 image 3 MIN READ
If your organization is like a whole lot of others out there, you’re struggling to find scalable, practical and cost-effective[...]
Failing to catch
image October 26, 2017 image 5 MIN READ
There are lots of organizational phishing awareness programs dedicated to giving employees the tools they need to recognize phishing scams.[...]
image September 29, 2017 image < 1
We are excited to be part of one of Europe’s largest expos for IT Security (October 10-12 in Nuremberg, Germany),[...]
image September 17, 2017 image 5 MIN READ
Imagine this: You've just tripped over your kid’s iPad; now your ring finger is swelling up like a balloon. You[...]
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image August 08, 2017 image 4 MIN READ
The job of a CISO is never easy or straightforward. Against the backdrop of rapidly evolving cyber threats, you know[...]
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In this edition, we will navigate the murky waters of phishing emails together. We’ll get to know what they are, how you can spot them like a pro, and how you can protect your precious information from getting into the wrong hands.