Top 9 Data Loss Prevention (DLP) Tools

By Nitzan Gursky
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Did you know that a simple data breach could cost your business millions?

The last two years have been marred by a 47% increase in incidents, including accidental data loss and deliberate data exfiltration by negligent or disgruntled employees or contractors. With the rapid growth of technology and increasing amounts of data being generated, data loss prevention (DLP) tools and processes are essential for safeguarding sensitive data from unauthorized access, theft, or accidental loss.

In this article, we will explore why DLP should be a top priority for any business and provide valuable insights into the latest trends and statistics on data breaches.

What are Data Loss Prevention (DLP) Tools?

DLP tools are crucial for modern cybersecurity. The software prevents data breaches and safeguards sensitive information.

There are four types of DLP solutions: Email, Endpoint Management, Network, and Cloud. Within these types, there arethree main categories:

  1. Network DLP – Monitors and protects all data in use, in motion, or at rest on the company’s network, including the cloud.
  2. Endpoint DLP – Monitors all endpoints, including servers, computers, laptops, and mobile phones, to prevent data leakage or misuse.
  3. Cloud DLP – Specifically designed to protect organizations using cloud repositories for data storage.

These DLP solutions help businesses classify and protect confidential information, safeguard against insider threats, and comply with data privacy laws.

What are Data Loss Prevention (DLP) Tools?

Benefits of Data Loss Prevention (DLP) Tools

The benefits of DLP tools enable them to:

Benefits of Data Loss Prevention (DLP) Tools

Key Features of DLP Tools

These key features are found throughout the various categories of DLP tools:

Top 9 Data Loss Prevention (DLP) Tools

Choosing the right DLP for your organization can be challenging, so we’ve narrowed it down to nine of the best solutions on the market today:

1. Digital Guardian

Digital Guardian

Main Features:

Best for: Large enterprises and organizations with complex IT environments and distributed workforces

Price: Contact the company directly for a quote.

Review: “I appreciate the number of features that Digital Guardian has to offer and its detailed reporting capabilities.”

2. CybeReady


While CybeReady isn’t a DLP Tool per se, we offer complete security awareness training for your employees. With CybeReady, teams can embrace learning success with easy and effective programs, including security awareness and phishing simulation programs, audit and compliance tools, and an elastic security program. Creating employee awareness of data loss prevention will greatly reduce data breaches and errors that lead to data loss.

Main Features:

Best for: Organizations of all sizes looking to develop a security-aware culture across all levels of the organization.

Price: Contact the company for a quote or to schedule a free demo.

Review: „Excellent training tool!! For me it’s the simplicity of the tool that makes it so user friendly and effective.”

3. BetterCloud


Main Features:

Best for: Organizations that use multiple SaaS applications and need to manage them efficiently and automate critical processes

Price: On request

Review: “My favorite part about BetterCloud is the consistency. By automating some of our everyday tasks, we are getting time savings…”

4. Endpoint Protector By CoSoSys

Endpoint Protector By CoSoSys

Main Features:

Best for: Any organization that needs to protect sensitive data and prevent data loss from endpoints

Price: Contact for a quote

Review: “We chose to use Endpoint Protector as a support tool for our Linux environment. It’s easy to use, manage, install, and update.”

5. Forcepoint DLP

Forcepoint DLP

Main Features:

Best for: Organizations of all sizes and industries that require a comprehensive data loss prevention solution

Price: Quote available by request.

Review: “Forcepoint DLP provides complete protection for critical data on endpoints, email, and cloud applications.”

6. Broadcom Symantec DLP

Broadcom Symantec Data Loss Prevention

Main Features:

Best for: Organizations looking for a comprehensive approach to managing and enforcing data loss prevention policies.

Price: Contact the company directly for a quote.

Review: “I like Symantec data loss prevention. It will provide total security for our organization’s sensitive data.”

7. Solarwinds DLP

Solarwinds DLP

Main Features:

Best for: Organizations of various sizes and industries that need systems management software to monitor their application and server performance.

Price: By inquiry

Review: “We have been using SolarWinds for quite a long time.. SolarWinds has great UI to monitor the applications & Servers.”

8. Trellix


Main Features:

Best for: Large to medium organizations that prioritize data security and need a flexible and comprehensive solution

Price: Contact for a quote

Review: „It works as a safeguard to our data and company’s information. It has automated reporting for each & every day…”

9. Check Point

Check Point

Main Features:

Best for: Small, medium, and enterprise-sized businesses, service providers, and individual consumers

Price: On request

Review: “User-Friendly Product and Easy to Use, If we are unknown to know any points, SK articles are very helpful and documentation is very good.”

Start Your DLP Campaign by Changing Your Security Culture

DLP is crucial for modern cybersecurity, protecting against breaches and theft. But while DLP solutions offer one method of managing data loss threats, no solution is reliable one hundred percent of the time.

CybeReady’s security awareness training platform can help your organization combine your existing solutions with a culture of cybersecurity awareness, bringing employees at all levels of the organization into the loop and allowing everyone to contribute to your overall security.

Transform your security culture and improve your data loss prevention efforts today by requesting a demo and discovering how CybeReady can help keep your organization secure.

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