What is CAB?

  • An interactive security newsletter, which pairs a ‘knowledge bite’ with a short quiz to reinforce the learning
  • Training bites are delivered autonomously to employees’ inbox, removing burden from your IT team
  • Supporting KPIs show employees’ engagements and learning progress, making it easy to report ROI to Management
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Rethinking Awareness Training. Transforming Cybersecurity Culture.

CAB takes a new training approach that tackles the challenges involved with awareness training events and low employee engagement:


  • Training is embedded in employee daily routine
  • Short bites are delivered via email, creating continuity and reinforcing the learning
  • CAB pairs a short knowledge bite with a quiz, for increased employee engagement


  • Fully manage: training bites are being sent autonomously, without manual effort
  • Real-time progress is available through CAB dashboard
  • The training program automatically adapts per employee – keeps sending each bite until learning is completed


  • Fully integrated with BLAST – our award winning phishing simulations solution
  • Supports 35 languages, saving the need to deal with translation
  • The most cost-effective security awareness training program available today

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