Meet the World’s Fastest Security Awareness Training Platform

By Nitzan Gursky
image May 25, 2022 image 4 MIN READ

What’s unique about CybeReady and why does speed matter? 

Hackers, a common enemy to anyone who uses the internet or email, are firing 3.4 billion phishing emails every day.

Because they can.
It’s a numbers game.

Phishing emails constitute the most common type of cyber-attack.  Yet, even the best tech companies in the world are unable to provide a 100% foolproof solution.  

In fact, according to Checkpoint’s most recent data, even the best cyber defense technologies in the world combined still miss 1-2% of phishing emails.
So, for an organization with 20,000 employees, who probably exchange around 12 million emails per month, nearly 150,000 unwanted emails are going to get through the best defenses, adding up to more than 1.5 million attacks annually.

With the average cost of a successful attack now climbing to 14.8M USD, up from 3.8M USD in 2015, and with millions of phishing emails missed per year, one phishing email mistake can potentially run a company out of business or create a serious headache.

That’s why security awareness training exists. 

What does it really mean to run awareness training within an organization

What does it really mean to run awareness training within an organization?

Awareness training, to put it in simple words, implies a total and utter expectation for an organization to change its behavior toward cyberattacks.  

Organizations are now expecting their employees to combat the very sophisticated efforts at deception that screening technology misses. 

And now, more than ever, they are requiring that their employees get on board with cyber security awareness, and fast.

Alas, security awareness training, when taken seriously, sets new grounds for conduct.

Training, however, requires expertise, time, and flawless processes. Training is based on methodologies that require testing, improving, and acting on results.  Then repeat.      

Not all employees are the same and organizations aren’t either. It could take an employee longer than what’s desired to understand the process of acknowledging a phishing email and the devastation it can cause. 

Now, more than ever, we require that security awareness training is performed fast.


The increase in employee turnover, reaching almost 35% in some industries, and the expanding remote work, give rise to even more possible IT breaches. Combined with a phishing attack rate that doubles every 2 years, the numbers game almost spins out of control.

That means that if security awareness is not run fast and effectively, organizations will lose when it comes to the numbers game: hackers vs employees.  

the World’s Fastest Security Awareness Training Platform

What do all current solutions offer today?

All solutions that exist on the market today know that an organization is a persona of its own. It has its methodologies, culture, and set of beliefs and standards. 

To change one’s employee behavior is nothing short of creating art.  

Providers today don’t know what will work best for any given organization. 

That’s why when it comes to awareness training, solutions provide security officers with a long list of simulations, training content, the complexity of content, testing mechanism, data analysis, and the list goes on. In essence, all solutions that exist today assume that security officers will figure out how to properly train their employees.  

But, expecting security officers to ensure that all employees, from new hires to senior management, are properly trained to resist cyberattacks is like expecting the weatherman to make sure that everyone carries an umbrella when there’s a chance of rain.

On the flip side, it’s rather a fair expectation. There’s no getting around the fact that cyber awareness training is crucial for protecting an organization’s assets when the technology designed to do so falls short.

Training without defined goals is nothing more than a gamble.

The Cybeready difference

The Cybeready difference

To begin with, we don’t assume that security officers are going to know how to change organizational behavior—or that a single person knows best how to meet the needs of thousands of employees. 

We work based on data. 

Our platform is built on proprietary technology that combines cybersecurity knowledge and organizational training expertise and is driven by machine learning.

Each training session is validated for effectiveness and the delivery of optimal results. For example, some employees respond well to soft simulations and validation while others prefer to dive into the details.

We run tests continuously across industries, organizations, and departments worldwide.

With over 30 million data points and constant AB testing, our machine identifies the training that will work best, with resolution down to the level of individual employees.

Our solution arrives with a pre-defined set of simulations, already personalized for your organization. The training sessions are configured in learning cycles and programmed to adapt continuously to the risks that your employees are facing, now and in the future. 

With CybeReady, security officers don’t have to

  1. know how to train everyone in their organization on an ongoing basis
  2. choose from a long list of training content
  3. set the frequency of training
  4. schedule a training session for every new employee
  5. translate the training content for employees in various countries
  6. monitor whether employees complete training
  7.  worry about overburdening employees
  8. file progress reports

When machine learning provides the training expertise, all an organization’s comprehensive processes are ready to go. Just one click is needed for activation. 

As a result, we are able to provide you with the fastest awareness training and the fastest ROI.

Some of our customers have seen ROI within just one week. 

It is our passion and mission to bring forth the finest and fastest security awareness training. That’s why we’re called CybeReady!