New European Partnership to Bolster Security Teams

By Mike Polatsek
image October 04, 2018 image < 1

We’re excited to announce our newest European partner: TCSS Trusted Cyber Security Solutions GmbH. With their support, CybeReady will reach more organizations across DACH in need of effective cyber readiness training against phishing.

CEO Mike Polatsek believes that CybeReady can greatly impact the region’s cyber security efforts through this latest partnership.
“We know that even the most advanced organizations around the world are struggling to provide best-in-class protection for their organizations to mitigate phishing threats, including those in leading markets. Our team is thrilled at the prospect of enabling lean security teams to create a more mature security framework with less overhead—and we know TCSS can help make that happen.” “Hackers targeting companies in Austria, Germany or Switzerland with phishing campaigns will soon meet their match,”

TCSS managing directors Pascha Soufi and Robert Herscovici said. “Helping customers to prevent phishing threats by increasing their readiness level is one of our key focuses. CybeReady’s minimal customer involvement combined with its smart learning engine’s ease-of-use will guarantee productive, successful collaborations. With CybeReady, we’re confident we’ve selected the right partner to deliver on this promise—one capable of making a real impact on organizations and their employees.”

About TCSS:
Public institutions and large companies are increasingly exposed to cybercrime attacks. In close collaboration with leading cyber security experts, e.g. from Israel and Switzerland, as well as with local lawyers, PR and insurance companies, we help minimize cyber risks. TCSS offers a wide range of services from creating and updating strategy, consulting and managed services to training and forensics. To learn more visit